Who We Are

LIDEAN is an INSURANCE, CONSULTANT AND RISK MANAGEMENT Broker, established on April 19, 2012, registered under the name of PT LIDEAN INSURANCE Broker, CONSULTANT &  RISK MANAGEMENT based on the Decree of the Minister of Law and Legislation Number: AHU-30179.AH.01.01 of 2012 and the Minister Financial Licensing Number: KEP - 631 / KM.10 / 2012, with Aparindo Member Number 192-2013 / APARINDO / 2013 in the Field of Business Consultants and Insurance Brokers. LIDEAN is a Reliable, Professional, Committed and Responsible Broker as an Insurance Consultant supported by a Dedicated and Professional TEAM from various Fields and Backgrounds. LIDEAN was born to overcome your time and money to get the BEST and POWERFUL Insurance that is financially stable to be able to pay your claim to protect your business. LIDEAN can answer your needs.

December 2020, PT LIDEAN INSURANCE BROKERS, CONSULTANT & RISK MANAGEMENT have switched full ownership of shares and management. As Priority Shareholder BM Echa Sari Key, SE, AK, SH has long been in the insurance industry in Indonesia. Seriousness and Concentration of Shareholders to advance PT LIDEAN INSURANCE BROKERS, CONSULTANT & RISK MANAGEMENT to become bigger and more advanced in this Millennium Digitalisation Era so as to be able to compete in a Healthy and Professional manner with other Insurance Brokers by developing IT and Increasing Paid Capital to meet the requirements stipulated by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)

LIDEAN will assist in insurance placement, claims analysis - handling and processing, risk analysis and recommendations, account maintenance, and insurance administration. LIDEAN is very focused on being a service provider for insurance which takes into account the interests of clients in aspects of insurance administration that are not easily managed by anyone outside the insurance industry. For that LIDEAN is there. LIDEAN is fully dedicated and committed to this industry. The investments we make are long -term and will continue to exist.

LIDEAN is currently developing our business strategy to focus on being an insurance service provider, which has proven to be very useful for our clients because for them, aspects of insurance administration have never been easily managed by anyone outside the insurance industry. LIDEAN aims to take over client  insurance issues so they don't have to worry about providing comprehensive coverage, claim management or administrative work related to this problem, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in their costs by not having to employ staff to manage them.

LIDEAN's portfolio, which serves the largest customer base in Indonesia, enables LIDEAN to offer extensive options and favorable tariffs. LIDEAN's dedication to responsive customer service and local understanding ensures high quality service.